Jesus Christ Reign Over Me

Father, tears roll down my face as I experience Your favor on _________________.  Thank You for using me, for speaking to my heart on what action to take regarding this account. Father, what can I do, the account is closed and unless the account is brought current and a new contract signed, there is nothing I can do? Those were the words as I sadly spoke to the customer as I explained their situation.

Then You Father, spoke to my heart and I started calculating figures and humbled myself to Your grace and mercy as I prayed You touch the heart of the person as I asked for an approval to do Your will and that Your children remain in their home.

Father, I received the approval—Oh, Father what joy to see how many lives (the customer, his family, the owner and mine) You touched in a matter of a few minutes. The customer then related to me that he had spoken to You Father, “I’, will wait on you till the last day” nothing had come about and paid the monies to rent and turn in this home.  His new landlord called him today, said they were unable to rent to him so he came in to ask for a few extra days to move out. We prayed and thanked You together, we didn’t mind that the employer was just in the other room and could have reprimanded me for praying on his time, he didn’t even budge Father. The customer left in joyful tears knowing that Your grace and mercy continue to save him and his family.

Thank You ABBA-for the privilege of being used by You to do Your works. I don’t have the words to express how I feel, expect that I feel I’m in overload of joy and that I surrender to Your will, whatever it is, I surrender. 

Father, I also thank you for answering the same customer’s prayer earlier this year, as we cried out to You to touch the heart of his family and to return his wife and children back home. We petitioned You Father and You brought them back home and are healing their wounds. Thank You Father.

What a privilege and an awesome experience it is to be in Your presence Father. What a joy to see the blessings of Your works on those You put in our path-Thank You…


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