The Blessing of a New Life


Lord, I don’t even know where to begin to express the Christmas miracle that You favored us with. Our daughter Vanessa had been scheduled for a C-Section for December 18, 2012. On Thursday, December 13, at noon she was transported to Las Palmas Medical Center. We arrived an hour later to pick up and help with our other two grandbabies. We were told there were two other c-sections before her, so we ended up waiting on the second floor to receive news. Finally later that afternoon, our son in law came down to get us that everything had gone well and the baby was fine. As we arrived at the nursery window we noticed that the providers were flickering at the babies toes and kept doing things to make her cry—then we glanced at the babies chest, their was no movement and quickly our son in law was signed to go into the nursery. Our son in law came back out and explained the complications; the baby was affected by the anesthesia and was unable to respond on her own. Everything was happening so fast; we sent message to our family in Christ and they started a prayer chain as we joined in prayer outside the nursery. The baby was moved to the special care unit where a feeding tube was inserted through her tiny mouth, an IV was administered along with oxygen.She was placed at a level 3 (severe level) The petitions to God continued through our church family and we kept praying at the hospital-our hearts were touched to pray for other people waiting with us and who were experiencing leg, neck  and back pain. On Friday the feeding tube came out, by night time she was breathing on her own and eating a fair share. This morning she was taken of the IV and under observation – this evening she was released to come home with mommy and daddy. Thank You ABBA, Father…..All the credit, honor and Glory is Yours Lord,

These were prayers that moved mountains. Praise God.


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