Healing Wounded Hearts

ABBA, father- what a precious and wonderful gift you gave me this Christmas and our family; You’ve blessed me with six beautiful children (three of them biological and three from my marriage to my wonderful husband Martin Juarez.) There are just so many wounds to be healed in our family Father, but this Christmas You poured Your favor upon me-I received a joyful heart, I cry of joy to see the things You are doing in our lives;

My longest relationship had been with the father of my two youngest children (my oldest was very small and raised by him, she had a very close relationship with him.)  Due to the wounds from our own baggage and those we inflected in the relationship, we had permitted the enemy to destroy everything. Our hearts were turned into stone and their father at one point had said “he didn’t have any children, they had died”. This took a toll on them and hate and anger and everything else took over-the enemy was given territory.

My son began his own family and he reconciled the relationship with his father a couple of years back. My other two daughters also have their own families, it had been approximately seven years since their last communication with him.

This is the first time ever since their father married that they all come together; there was reconciliation and joy. I thank you and give You all the credit, honor and glory – indeed that through You all things can be done.

I pray Father, God that your hand be upon them, cover each and everyone one them with the blood of the Lamb especially their father and his wife. Be present in them that they will rejoice and seek you, that You Father are glorified, In Jesus Name I stand in the gap and ask this for them. Amen…


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