Filled with Joy

Father, Your blessings are being poured upon my husband and I. We are so blessed to have a relationship with You, to know You and not just know of You. Father, continue guiding and protecting us, our families and those You put in our paths. It is a privilege to serve You, we pray that You continuously fill us with Your Holy Spirit that we may do Your works to help everyone You put in our paths to help, pray for, heal, drive out demons, whatever it is Father-guide us to do Your will and to be obedient in Your word. In Jesus name. Amen- All praise and glory to You for our transformation and how You are going to use us.

Father, I pray to be filled with all Your gifts and guided by the Holy Spirit to use them that  You be Glorified. I also pray Father, God that YOU fill me with the gift of music to sing, play the guitar and keyboard, and to dance, this is the way I desire to Praise You.

Thank You for being our Savior and Provider-King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

Your Humble Servant,



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