ABBA, Father Help Me To Discern This Vision

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 I felt really bad body aches and a severe headache. I got ready for work  thinking that I would come home if I felt any worse. About 10:45am I received a phone call from my boss asking me if I would accompany him to Las Cruces to take some papers to file in court and to the Escrow Company to set up some new accounts. Let me back track on my boss, he is an elderly man with Alzheimer’s amongst other illnesses and is just recovering from pneumonia,he was placed on oxygen 24/7 for the rest of his life. He claims he’s okay but those of us who know him, know he’s not okay. I told him I would accompany him, even though a part of me just wanted to get home and into bed. We got back to the office about three, and I felt I could hang on one more hour.

By the time I got home my symptoms were worse, and the pain from the sciatic had kicked in on both sides, so I had severe pain running down my legs, then I couldn’t find my place cause however I sat or laid down was painful. I finally said to my wonderful husband that I was going to the bedroom to see if I could get warmer-I was shaking really bad, my body felt hot yet I couldn’t get warm, by this time my head wanted to explode, I had shortness of breath, an extra dry cough. I felt so miserable I just wanted to get in bed and cry…. I did get in bed, but I found myself praying out loud and praying healing over my body in Jesus Name-submitting to our Heavenly Father and speaking that His word does not come back void-As I continued praying I surrendered myself to Him completely and said I would do what ever it was he asked.

I finally fell asleep, but as I slept I could hear myself praying. Throughout the night as I slept I kept seeing myself speaking-giving my testimony at a local church that a sister in Christ attends. I saw myself speaking of all the injustices because we think we can do something and slide; My question to all was “How many of us here think we can come in here and judge others when we ourselves have given the enemy a foothold?” How many receive government assistance and put a white lie on the application? How many sell the benefits you are allotted? How many misuse the benefits to have parties? How many are self employed and don’t report cash wages to the government? How many of us lie on our tax returns? It’s seems that we “God’s children continue to make judgment without looking at our own situations. How many of us can say I pray, I ask but I have never really received anything? Well, the answer is quite simple, God wants you to search your hearts, ask him to give you revelation about the things that you still need to surrender to Him. He wants you to know that once you do this you to will receive from Him.

There is also something else the Lord gave me to share that’s relation to this congregation. He wants to re-affirm that the enemy is out to destroy every congregation because those in darkness are his for now. He wanted certain people to know that there was an incident that took place a while back, an injustice to a couple who were doing as He asks and the enemy is hovering around to see if he can destroy that completely. This couple was ministering to another couple; the couple being ministered are demon oppressed with the spirit of alcohol, worthlessness and is a victim of domestic violence, the wife is demon oppressed with fear and so many other spirits, and the couple ministering especially the husband gave the enemy a foothold because God spoke to his heart for him to give the man that ride because no one expect God knows what that man would have encountered if the brother would not have been with him.

Through all this I kept seeing visions of the sign “El Shaddi” the big blue building and my being at the pulpit speaking these words over and over.

Through out the night my symptoms were getting better, and this morning I doing much better, but there is still more healing to come. Praise You Jesus, Father Almighty that you do not forsake us. Have mercy on us.

Because I made a covenant with you ABBA, please guide me to do Your will and give me discernment, wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that I may go forth and glorify You. AMEN.


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  1. God gave us Free will; Let us search our hearts-let us desire a heart like Chirst.

    “I Spake” “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul”
    “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot hide.”

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