Illness or Soaking In Your Presence Lord

Father God, through this I feel a blessing, Your presence, Your favor, Your grace ministering to me all these days I’ve been home thinking I’m recovering from an illness-yet You’ve filled my mind, my heart, my body with Your Word, Your Promise and Your great love. I thank You because You’ve favored me to sleep through this entire process and yet even through my sleep I sense our conversation and the vision of events You’ve created in my dreams. I had already written a dream I had the 1st day of my sleep.

The second dream You gave me was even more beautiful, yet I remember praying, praying and more praying. In this vision my husband and I had received a phone call from my Aunt, yes Father, my aunt who seemed upset when I told her about my relationship with you and that I was baptized and received You as my Lord and Savior on July 17, 2011. I could sense her anger as she swore she’d live to  see me return to the Roman Catholic Church “our heritage”. As I responded to my Aunt “As many places as I’ve been to, I’d never found a relationship with God, I’d never felt His Presence, His joy till now. I don’t see myself turning back-Full speed ahead the Lord is in charge, His will, will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Back to my vision; my husband and I arrived at the address my aunt had given us. To our surprise, some of our children were there. We glanced around the room, there we were in the middle of a huge dining area, walked to the kitchen, a commercial kitchen at that, WOW. We followed my aunt to a lower level and here there is another kitchen with a regular kitchen and to a side a commercial kitchen, with a spacious dining area. We continue our walk there was a huge room with couches and a TV, then so many bedrooms, a hallway that in my dream looked the the skywalk from Las Palmas Medical Center, finally at the end of the hallway two huge double doors- behind the doors a huge Sanctuary filled with the Lord’s presence, a walk in pillar to baptize in with water from a fountain filling the pillar, study rooms and place to dispense food and clothes, a section for children during service-WOW, tears came to my eyes because Lord the materials used , that of a log cabin for the inside and outside of the building. I made my way back up to the 1st floor, as I went past the lower level kitchen our youngest daughters boneless chicken breast cooking, got to the kitchen on the 1st level and my aunt, uncle and others were also busy preparing food. I ran outside to look at all the building. It was huge; one block wide one block long. As I stood there just taken by everything I somehow traveled to a place in Mexico where I had gone to visit. Marina, the friend I’d gone to visit operated a soup kitchen and housed several elderly people, she even had I food drive the days I was there. I remember the joy of cooking, laughing, serving and putting together bags of food to be distributed amongst anyone who was in line to receive “una despensa, a blanket, whatever had been provided”.  I remember one of the times some officers arrived and had an elderly lady, walk her to the ding area and said “Senora, aqui esta ________, sabemos que aqui se va alimentar. Wow-I remember my friends  joyful heart as she received her. I found myself asking “God why am I seeing this? I walked back in with my husband and asked my aunt and uncle “What is this? My aunt’s response was “when you spoke to me about your God, your relationship with him, what He is doing in your lives, you also said someday you wanted to feed His children, and I took the liberty of telling your uncle that you had a different heart, everyone got together and “here you are-giving me the keys said “feed God’s children” I was so impacted during my sleep and now as I sit here putting it all into perspective because Last year in May a friend of mine and I were looking at some pictures from Colorado Springs where I had met up with my husband when he was working in Wyoming and upon her seeing a picture of a cabin, she told me “this is where I see you and your husband. Of course at that time I just left it at that, Till Saturday the 29th of December 2012 that we all had lunch together and our friend said to my husband and I “this is where is see you both ministering. My tears were tears of joy because our friend had already seen this place, just hadn’t given details.

I praise you Almighty Father, because of Your grace and mercy for us. I thank you for the privilege of serving you and that You would guide us. For the people You have and are going to place in our paths, and for how You are going to use us.

I pray that your hearts be touched and filled with God’s love, especially those who have gone through so much and feel that their faith in the Lord is diminishing. Know that God loves each and everyone of us, we were set apart, created in his own image and has something different for each one of us, a plan since before he created us in the womb. Know that He desires an intimate relationship with us and is waiting for us to take that step in faith to invite him into our hearts, to be filled with His Holy Spirit, to bring those in darkness into his light. He is waiting on us to prepare to set captives FREE. He’s not looking at what walk of life we are coming from-he’s looking at our hearts. Let our hearts be broken by HIM that we may be used to bring Him Glory.

Receive this with the great Love that our Lord has placed in our heart

Sylvia M. Juarez


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  1. Terri

    Wow! So blessed!

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